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  New Dell Desktops and Laptops

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  Fake Antivirus Epidemic!

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   Welcome to On-Site Electronics

 New Dell Desktops and Laptops

On-Site Electronics is a Dell authorized reseller. We are able to provide you with products direct from the dell factory. This includes but is not limited to desktop and laptop pc's, monitors and lcd TV's.

 Cross Platform Viruses

Viruses have always been a major problem for computers, but now they are changing into something that might make them a bigger problem than ever before. Traditionally viruses have been limited, either to an operating system or to a specific web browser. That might no longer be the case moving forward. A new type of virus has been developed that can infect multiple operating systems and browsers. Bit9 has a very detailed post about this virus, I would highly advise reading it.

 Fake Antivirus Epidemic

A fake antivirus is a special type of virus. It gets on you machine and rather than hide it declares openly that it it there. They produce an almost constant stream of pop up messages telling you how your computer is infected. On the surface it seems like the worst virus ever created, but then it asks for your money. The goal is simple for the virus, give me your credit card info and I go away... Maybe. Often on top of the pop up messages you will also have some features of your computer disabled, such as internet access or program use. If you get one of these viruses call us and we can get rid of it. Most importantly though, don't give it your credit card. 


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